Q:  What kind of snap press are you offering?  How about snaps and color?

A:  The snap press, die set and snaps can be viewed at www.thesnapstore.com/instruction.htm.  We carry polyacetal resin snaps as well as metal snaps.   Currently I'm offering 26 colors including white, black, primary and pastel color.

Q:  Iím confused about the snap parts, can you explain?

A:  A typical resin snap consists of 4 parts: face cap, stud, socket and bottom cap.  If you like the face cap and bottom cap to be the same size (which people normally do), then you only need 3 parts.  The face cap and stud are called male set while the cap and socket are called female set.  So in other word, a snap consists of a male set and a female set.   

A typical metal snap consists of 4 parts too: cap, stud, socket and open ring.  In some cases, you only see three, such as on baby's onesies, the cap is replaced by an open ring.  In this case, there are only 3 parts (open ring, stud and socket).

Q:  Do I need to buy dies?  How many to buy?

A:  Yes, you do have to buy dies based on the snaps you choose.  Basically you need each die for each part of a snap.  So if you have a 3-part-snap (the face cap and bottom cap are the same size), you only need 3 pieces of die.  If you choose to have different size face and bottom caps, then you need 4 pieces of die. 

For metal snaps, the die for stud and socket is the same one.  So, if you use open ring, studs and socket, you only need 2 pieces of metal dies -- open ring die and stud/socket die.  If you use cap also, you will need to add metal cap die.

Q:  How do I choose snap size?

A:  It depends on your application.  In general, if you make cloth diapers, size 20 polyacetal resin snaps or the size 16 long prong metal snaps are the most popular size.  If you make infant and children's clothing, size 16 resin snaps or metal snaps work great.  For preemie clothing or mama pad, size 14 resin or metal snaps are perfect. 

Q:  Give me an example of order please.

A:  Example 1: Polyacetal resin snap order:

                        1 x Snap press

                        1 x 3-piece die set for polyacetal resin snaps size 20

                        100 x Size 20 polyacetal resin snap SETs

    Example 2: Metal snap order:

                        1 x Snap press

                        1 x 3-piece die set for metal snaps size 16

                        50 x Size 16 Long Prong Metal snap Sets


Q:  How do I decide on what kind of snap prong/post I need?

A:  Not "The longer, the better".  

The post/prong length depends on your application.  The thicker/more layers of fabric, the longer post/prong you need.  For diaper making, size 20 or size 18 is good for most type of diaper pattern (size 18 has a little sharper and longer post than size 20).  If you find that post is still too short, you may consider size 20 extra long snaps.  Same rule applies to metal snaps.  The regular size 16 long prong metal snaps work fine for diapers and children's clothing.  But if your diaper pattern makes extra thick diapers at the wing, you may consider the extra long prong metal snaps.  

On the other hand, if you only apply snaps to 2-3 layers of fabric (such as children's clothing), please don't use the extra long prong/post snaps because you may run into trouble when try to fasten.  

Q:  How many snaps do I need for a diaper?

A:  Normally, you need snaps in sets.  But sometimes you may need some extra pieces to provide flexibility at the waist or other parts.  It depends on what kind of diaper you are making.  For the very popular one size fits all diaper (such as cuddlebuns) the ratio should be 2:7 of male sets to female sets.  In other word, you need to order 5 additional female sets for each 2 complete sets of snaps.  You will need 2 more male sets if you plan to use a snap-in toddler doubler.  

One thing should always hold true no matter what you're sewing -- the total number of studs and sockets should be equal to the total number of caps.  

Q: I have another brand snap press, does your die set fit my snap press?

The shank size of regular top die (stud/socket) is 3/8'' and the bottom die (cap) is 1/2''.  Measure the shank size your die set or the diameter of the hole that holds die in your snap press.  If they aren't the same as our regular die size, then these regular die sets don't fit.

However, we do carry customized die set in addition to the regular ones.  Check it out to see if it fits your press.

Q:  Is your snap compatible with other brand snap press/die set?

A:   When applying snaps, the rule of thumb is that you get the best result when you use the snaps, die set and press from the same manufacturer.  

If you have a different brand press with dies and want to use our snaps, your output can be guaranteed when you use our customized die set along with our snaps.

The worst case is the mix different brand sockets and studs.  The fasten can't be guaranteed at all. 

If you're not sure about the compatibility, always ask for a sample to test.  Also test the output by snapping a dozen of time to ensure a good fixing.


Q: Please tell me about your referral program

A: I do have a referral program.  In brief when the person referred by you places their first order and tell me your name, I will credit 100 free sets of snaps in your account.