Thank you for purchasing this Heavy Duty Professional Snap Press and Die Set.  


You snap press comes with a set of 4 hex tools to tighten/loosen the screws in the snap press.  The die set includes three parts, the socket die, the stud die and the cap die. 


Assembly is very easy and simple. 

1) Loosen both screw nuts and remove the screw.               



 2) Find the smaller side of the handle and place it in the snap press.  Insert the long screw back in through the handle hole.  Tighten the nuts.



Now you're ready to press snaps.

The order of pressing is flexible, totally depends on how you like to do it. 

1) Place the cap die in the bottom hole of the snap press.  There is a little screw on the black block you can tighten.   

2) Decide you want to press socket or stud.  Here I use a socket die.  Find the little screw on the side of the black block first and loosen it a little bit with the smallest hex tool.  Then insert the socket die into the hole.  If you feel it's too tight to insert, try to loosen the screw further to let the die go all the way into the block.  Then tighten it.


3) Find your snap socket piece and snap it into the end of the socket die.  You should feel a little click and it should fits snuggly.


4) Insert the snap cap piece into the right position of your fabric and make sure the needle go all the way through the fabric and the tip shows at the other end of the fabric. 


5) Place the snap cap into the dimple of the cap die.  Make sure it rests very well at the center.

6) Hold the piece of fabric with one hand and press the handle with the other hand.  Make sure you press really hard and press all the way down.  Safety:  Keep fingers away from the pressing path so your finger doesn't get smashed.

7) Release the handle and you will see the snap and fabric stick to the top die.  Gently remove it from the top die and you should see a nice pressed snap.  And if you pay attention to it you should notice that the needle part of the cap is smashed into a small disc like piece that holds the socket to the cap. 


8) You may do all your sockets first.  Then switch the socket die to stud die and follow the same procedure.

9) If you notice that when you try to fasten the socket and stud part but they don't closure well, it must be because you didn't press hard enough to smash the needle to a flat disc.  When the disc is not flat enough, they block each others way so you can't fasten them properly.